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Honor Honey is 100% Pure, Raw and Unheated, grown in the desolated areas of Yemen where the soil is rich, untouched where there is 0% pollution. Our honey is produced by traditional beekeeping methods with only the simplest tools used

No chemicals, additives, preservatives, heating process or drugs have been used – completely raw. No machinery used either.

The most important thing is that the bees are not fed any sugar unlike any cheap supermarket honey. It’s a process proudly carried out through generations where they use smoke from dried camel skins and machetes to harvest the liquid gold’. This is how both our honeys are kept pure and don’t lose any of its healing powers.

We only want to sell the best quality honey to our customers, the same honey that Honor use within our family daily for generations. We guarantee the quality of our honey and offer a refund to anyone who is not satisfied.

Enjoy your raw Honoor honey experience and let us know what you think of each type in your reviews!