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Noor is a common Arabic name which means Light, but it can also mean Beautiful and Attractive.

Combining Honey and Noor together, we came up with our brand called Honoor.

As a family we have been having Pure and Raw Yemeni Honey for generations. We believe it has really improved our lifestyle and diet and has kept us away from many allergies and illnesses especially during the Covid era.

Since 2021, we decided to launch Honoor as we wanted our Honoor honey lovers out there to experience the taste of 100% Pure and Raw Yemeni Honey as there is no honey out there like it!

Once you have tried it, there is no going back to supermarket or commercial honey!

We concentrate on two types only which are Sidr and Samar (Sumrah) – both are unique and distinctive in their own way and have excellent health benefits and taste out of this world.

Over time, we decided to expand our range by selling Honoor Beeswax Wraps. We strongly believe in using eco-friendly, reusable and biodegradable products to keep food fresher for longer as well as saying No to Plastic!

Our ethos is to only sell the best quality honey to our customer, the same honey Honoor use within our own family, what we feed to our children.

We guarantee the quality of our honey and offer a refund to anyone who is not satisfied.

Enjoy our raw Honoor honey experience and let us know what you think of each type in your reviews!

Click the links to read more about our Honoor Samar (Sumrah) Honey and our Honoor Sidr Honey.