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Located in Saudi Arabia, Taif is known as the “City of Roses”. The famous damask rose was imported by the Rulers of the Ottoman Empire. Ta’if is world-renowned for its native, 30-petal damask rose. There are approximately 2000 farms dedicated to growing the Ta’if rose.

Ta’ifi Rose Honey is harvested in the mountains of Al-Shifa and Al-Hada, Saudi Arabia.   Before the roses are picked, the bees travel from flower to flower, collecting the rare and precious nectar of these roses, for our unique and precious Taifi rose, Honey.

This honey is not to be confused with other floral kinds of honey, abundantly available in supermarkets across the world.  Unlike other floral honey, this honey is not infused with the flavor or scent of the Taif rose. Rather, the bees who produce this honey, feed exclusively from this rose, in order to produce this prestigious, totally unique, extremely nutritious, and luxurious honey. The taste, color, and scent of this honey are truly unlike any other.

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* Powerful antidepressant properties
* Relieves spasm of involuntary muscle activity
* Boosts testosterone
* Promotes fertility
* Antiviral
* Antibacterial
* Antiseptic
* Anti-inflammatory
* Antispasmodic
* Aphrodisiac


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