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Yemeni Sidr Honey is one of the finest and rarest honeys in the world.

The Sidr (Christ’s Thorn/Lote/Jujube) trees of our honey are grown within the Hadramout region, which is in the mountains and surrounds a secluded valley known as Wadi Do’an in Southern Yemen.

Due to the secluded region, it allows for the production of a true monofloral type of honey. The location is very special as there is 0% pollution where the Sidr tree grows. The bees can only collect nectar only once in a year, so it has a rarity!

Our Sidr Honey is 100% Pure and Raw and provides a wealth of vitamins, minerals and additional nutrients that make it extremely powerful for your body and mind. It can help to cure numerous conditions along with boosting the immune system, enhancing energy, treating various digestive problems and sustaining a healthy gut!

Texture: Thick and Rich and Chewy, like molten toffee melting in your mouth.

Colour: Liquid Gold

Taste: Butterscotch, Buttery notes. Perfect balance of sweetness (not overly sweet)

Benefits: Rich in Vitamins and Antioxidants. High medicinal qualities

Aroma: Unique and distinctive.

Honey liquid.jpeg2