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Our Premium Grade Sidr Honey Summer Harvest is 100% Pure and Raw and provides a wealth of vitamins, minerals and additional nutrients that make it extremely powerful for your body and mind. It can help to cure numerous conditions along with boosting the immune system, enhancing energy, treating various digestive problems and sustaining a healthy gut!

Texture: Thick and Rich and Chewy, like molten toffee melting in your mouth.

Colour: Liquid Gold

Taste: Butterscotch, Buttery notes. Perfect balance of sweetness (not overly sweet)

Benefits: Rich in Vitamins and Antioxidants. High medicinal qualities

Aroma: Unique and distinctive.

Our Premium Grade Samar Honey is 100% Pure and Raw and extracted from the nectar of the flowers of the Samar (Acacia) Tree in Wadi Do’an. The flowers grow in desert environments whose flowers bloom between spring and summer.

Yemeni Samar Honey is known for its many benefits for diabetics as it has a low level of glucose. It has a dark red tamarind colour with an amazing caramel aftertaste to it and has an aromatic smell that will rock your senses.

This honey is perfect for replacing refined sugar, digestive healing and infertility issues also.

Texture: perfect viscosity for drizzling on pancakes/waffles/roti

Colour: Natural tamarind colour

Taste: Rich, deep sweet, smokey, maple syrup, deep caramel notes

Benefits: Strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds. Iron and Mineral rich, low glucose level for great for diabetics. Popular with expecting mothers.

Aroma: Strong Sweet Smell

Ta’ifi Rose Honey is harvested in the mountains of Al-Shifa and Al-Hada, Saudi Arabia. Before the roses are picked, the bees travel from flower to flower, collecting the rare and precious nectar of these roses, for our unique and precious Tai’fi Rose Honey.

This honey is not to be confused with other floral kinds of honey, abundantly available in supermarkets across the world. Unlike other floral honey, this honey is not infused with the flavor or scent of the Taif rose. Rather, the bees who produce this honey, feed exclusively from this rose, in order to produce this prestigious, totally unique, extremely nutritious, and luxurious honey. The taste, color, and scent of this honey are truly unlike any other.

Taste: like Turkish Delight


* Powerful antidepressant properties
* Relieves spasm of involuntary muscle activity
* Boosts testosterone
* Promotes fertility
* Antiviral
* Antibacterial
* Antiseptic
* Anti-inflammatory
* Antispasmodic
* Aphrodisiac

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